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Zhejiang Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the NANZHOU, "China Electric Capital", is one of China's largest manufacturer of professional warning lights, sirens, traffic equipment, fire equipment, over the years for our police, security, and other special vehicles equipment modernization industry to make its due contribution, both at home and abroad enjoy a high reputation, the NANZHOU product development, development of technical standards strictly enforce national security products, and has passed the testing and certification authority of the national police department and the EU The CE product safety certification, including 10 kinds of products obtained national patents. Zhejiang Province, the company was named "Product Quality Supervision and tracking units designated excellence."

Since its inception, market-oriented, with ISO9000 international quality management system standard for the operation of the guidelines, painstaking inspirational, increasingly seeking perfection, and strengthen the quality of production management, and actively improve service, technical innovation, have developed hundreds Variety of long row warning lights, sirens, traffic barricades lights, traffic road cones and other security products. And is widely used in public security, military, scientific research, transportation, machinery and equipment, entertainment and many other areas, selling products throughout the country and Europe, the Middle East, South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. The majority of user acceptance and trust.


September 8, 1997, the State Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Zhejiang South (then called "NANZHOU Yueqing Electric Co., Ltd.") was incorporated in China. Over the past eight years, the NANZHOU from an unknown, several people work family workshop to become a development in southern Zhejiang famous ring loud warning secure well-known companies, she experienced the hardships, has reaped the fruits of success . Take this, and care and support to all my colleagues in the growth and development of the NANZHOU, a majority of shareholders recollection of history, conspiracy future.

  • 1,Hard work

    Finding the right position timely transition

    Find ways out of the dilemma

    Bold reform and innovation

  • 2,1-2 Management

    “1”Is to seek sustained, steady and rapid growth as the company's purpose, not greedy temporary interests, Figure sustainable development, did not miss a favorable opportunity, stability and change, change Striving, not reckless adventure, about economic efficiency, handle the relationship between sustained, stable and high speed between the three. In practice, the focus in the management of the overall optimization, emphasis on system management, implementation of the overall enterprise system function optimization; pay attention to rely on the core competitiveness, and constantly improve market competitiveness; emphasis solid foundation management, stress management refinement, implementation of scientific management, program standardization and institutionalization; focusing on innovation, emphasis on the development of the self in self-denial, beyond the self, to bring about change and stability coexist.

    “2”Is focused on the use of mechanisms and personnel two levers, namely the use of incentives and constraints of both management mechanism and Wei Yin is satisfied that the person with the employer and the education system, as the company continues to inject new vitality.

  • 3, precautions

    Ready for everything


    Careful and meticulous

  • 4,feats

    Looking back, we are extremely proud; Looking ahead, we are full of confidence. The great ambition there, sail sea. We believe that, under the support of the community, the majority shareholder of care, through our unremitting efforts, the NANZHOU of tomorrow will be even better.

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Organizational Structure

From a sound organizational structure, to see a good company

Organizational structure (organizational structure) is to show a pattern of mutual relations between the parts of the order of organization, spatial location, everything is status, contact information, and each element is the "frame" the entire management system. Organizational structures are all members of the organization to achieve organizational goals searches conducted in the management of the division of labor, the structure of the system in terms of the scope of duties, responsibilities, rights created. Organizational structure is a dynamic organization serving architecture, responsibilities, rights aspects, by its very nature is a kind of division of labor system to achieve the strategic goal to take the organization, organizational structure must be adjusted with the organization's major strategic adjustments.

Recruitment Registration Form
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Work experience:
    1. Network Promoter

      A male or female Apply for this job

      Network Promoter

      Requirements: Education is not limited to, the ability and may be; more than two years of work experience in network marketing, network marketing channels have priority; proficient in a variety of network sales skills, have online shop and other related work experience, familiar with the major portals and various online shopping sites ; familiar with the Internet, be familiar with the use of network communication tools and a variety of office software; have strong communication skills; use the network company's product sales and promotion; publishing company responsible for operations management, and product information online trading platform; understanding and gathering each peer competitive products and dynamic information on the network; to channel development and business development through the network; timely completion of sales tasks.

        Technology Co., Ltd. Zhejiang South State Personnel Department - Tel: 62712727     15858871539

      Electronic repairman

      A male Apply for this job

      Electronic repairman

      Requirements: Age 25-40 years old, secondary education, electronics professional, familiar with electronic circuits and electronic components, electronic repair experience preferred.

        Technology Co., Ltd. Zhejiang South State Personnel Department - Tel: 62712727     15858871539

      Quality Inspector

      2 male or female Apply for this job

      Quality Inspector

      Requirements: Age 25-40 years old, secondary education, electronic and electromechanical professional. Understand the ISO9001 quality management system, familiar with electronic circuitry, engaged in related work for more than one year.

        Technology Co., Ltd. Zhejiang South State Personnel Department - Tel: 62712727     15858871539

      Electronics Technician

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      Electronics Technician

      Requirements: 25-45 years of age, secondary education, electronics professional, proficient microcontroller programming and electronic circuit and PCB design experience lamps and alarm and other electronic products development priority.

        Technology Co., Ltd. Zhejiang South State Personnel Department - Tel: 62712727     15858871539

  • NANZHOU in growing stronger, and feel the great role of human resources in the enterprise. NANZHOU seek to maximize the human resource potential.

    First, open up more channels to attract talent

    In the & ldquo; fair competition, strict assessment, merit-based hiring, two-way choice & rdquo; the principle of the NANZHOU to break geographical boundaries, the establishment of a reasonable flow of personnel system, there are more than 70 percent of employees from across the country. At this stage, according to the business needs of enterprise development strategy, positioning the company directed efforts to train foreign trade qualified personnel needed for the next step to expand the international market and with the standards required for a knowledge-based talent at all levels, as a basis for consolidating the work.

    Second, the eclectic use of talent

    The company established competition and evaluation mechanism, boldly young talents.

    three, trying to nurture talent

    The face of fierce market competition and the rapid development of science and technology, the company at all costs, find ways to nurture talent.

    four, motivate personnel to meet the needs

    NANZHOU to respect every employee, NANZHOU employees are masters of the NANZHOU, in front of the company's system, everyone is equal.

  • Recruitment Registration Form
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    Date of birth: calendar: Graduated:
    Work experience:
Message from the Chairman

Venture decades, decades of wind and rain, the harvest years, years of glory were written on the NANZHOU had gone along with the 20th century. In the new century, a new millennium, human society will face a more profound change.

NANZHOU is a young and mature, healthy and vibrant high-tech warning industrial enterprises. We uphold the "Pilot, the world, dedicated South Carolina, Wing Chong-class" spirit of enterprise and "innovation, quality and excellence, integrity self-improvement, to serve the community," the purpose of the company, with great enthusiasm to create and implement dynamic enterprise management mode, a warning is committed to developing innovative products and technologies in the field, and the accumulation of a rational structure of personnel, develop and deliver quality products and services.

"Diligence, the line into Si," I firmly believe that: as long as all of our NANZHOU were hard to work tirelessly to learn, think eclectic, worked hard to create, to face challenges, bravery and hard work, we will be able NANZHOU into a well-known companies in the world-class industrial warning. Because of this, we are like you in the future with hope and confidence.

Standing on the starting line of the 21st century, the NANZHOU will Saharan culture as the core concept of the state, in the great entrepreneurs of the new century, based on the international appreciation of the brand, forging on hard power, for the creation of a century NANZHOU and work hard.