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NANZHOU the company successfully completed two industrial parks

Chairman Li Jinyu in the loving care of, the energetic efforts of all my colleagues, the NANZHOU the company's two industrial parks successfully completed 20 days in advance. Marking the company's production scale, the new management has taken a regionalization.

LED traffic warning lights use cases

Release date:[2015-02-05]     Browse:1656

I remember driving rain to open big traffic warning lights, recently Suli, delphinium, mangosteen and other typhoon landed staged windy rains, low visibility, poor road conditions, not only to increase pedestrian safety out of the difficulty to bring many adverse occupants risks, Hangzhou Antony Electronics Co. Tips you:
1, including before and after the typhoon and pedestrians try not to go out at night, if you go to bring your own rain gear, try to avoid local billboards and so easy to fall in case of a lightning storm away from the water pipes, gas pipes and other metal objects, try not to call, answer the phone. To drive out in a timely manner should obey the traffic laws traffic warning lights turn on, turn on the headlights illuminated when necessary, especially in key parts of the steering wheel, wipers, brakes, lights, etc. to make sure. In case of low-lying sections of water try to take the bypass mode, do not easily wading.
2. stormy weather municipal administration should do in flood control and drainage work, especially sewer drainage, road construction should build a fence In both places, fixed installation led warning lights to warn pedestrians, electric cars and other security incidents to prevent its occurrence, If you can recommend to the relevant sections of closed up.